NEW! We are introducing HALF SEASON CSAs! This 13 week program will begin on July 30th. Members will still receive the fresh produce, meat, and dairy of a full season, but for only 13 weeks instead of 26! Perfect if you missed out on the full season membership or didn't want to make the full commitment! If you've been wanting to try a CSA, this is your chance!

For those of you who are new to this program, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSAs are a great way to support your local farm AND make sure your family is eating healthy and clean, farm fresh food.

Our 26-week CSA program runs May 7th to October 29th. For the cost of a few trips to the grocery store, you will receive a package each week filled with either produce, meat, or dairy, depending on which one you choose.

By paying for the entire 26 weeks up front, you are enabling your local farmer to stock up on seeds for the season, fix equipment from last year, and prepare the fields for a new harvest. And in return, you receive 26 weeks worth of food for yourself and your family.

Don't think you can keep up with fresh food every week? Share a CSA with a neighbor or co-worker! Alternate pick-up weeks or divide each week's share between you.

Save money, save gas, and save yourself some peace of mind by investing in our CSA program. Instead of running to the nearest big box grocery store every couple days for dinner, take one trip a week to Freedom Farms and have it planned for you!

Please note - our CSAs are based on what is freshest and most bountiful each week. Therefore, we cannot ever guarantee what you will receive from week to week. You are also not able to pick and choose what goes in your share. However, we have started an add-on program this year, which is explained in the member perks.


Besides farm fresh food every week, Freedom Farms CSA members also receive the following perks!

ADD-ONS: Every Monday, members will get an email with potential add-ons for the week. These could be items such as a dozen eggs, 16 oz of honey, bars of homemade soap, or one of Lisa's homemade salads. These items will be offered to members at a special discounted price! You will have until end of day Monday to decide which items you'd like to add.

Payment can be made by credit card prior to pick up (so you can just grab and go!), or when you come to pick up your weekly share.

WEEKLY RECIPES: Maybe you got something in your share this week that you aren't quite sure what to do with. Items such as kohlrabi, leeks, beef bones, or ground pork. Don't worry! We'll provide you with recipes! Each weekly CSA will include at least one recipe for items in your share. It's like Hello Fresh, but better quality.

EXCLUSIVE INVITATION: All CSA members will also receive invitations to a private Dinner in the Field in June where we will also give all members a tour of the farm.

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