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Our Stock Your Freezer program allows customers like you to eat the best, locally-raised meat, all at 30-50% off retail prices! Meet Your Meat with our beef quarters, pork halves, and chicken larders. All of our meat is raised without the use of steroids, hormones, or antibiotics. Our animals eat the best non-GMO feeds. And we utilize the intensive rotational grazing process, which strategically moves livestock to fresh paddocks every day or every few days. This allows the fields to regrow and replenish and our animals to have constant access to forage that's high in nutrition.

See below for details on each meat!

Free-Range Pastured Pork

Our pigs are raised on the farm and they are happy to do the labor of brush hogs, root tillers, weed killers, and fertilizer spreaders in our pastures. In addition to the non-GMO feed, our pigs also eat fresh green grass in their wood lots. Compared to commercial pork, our pork has a darker red color, more texture, and much more flavor.

Pork is available by the half pig for $5.99/lb hanging weight. Your half pig includes the meat cut, double-wrapped, and frozen. Bacon and ham are cured. Estimated 60-75 pounds of take home meat.

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Pastured Beef 

Our pastured beef is also grass-fed, but with non-GMO grain supplements. Their meat is more marbled than our grass-fed cows, enabling you to cook it at higher temperatures.

All of our beef is unconfined and free-ranging. Our pastured beef is available in quarters for $5.99/lb hanging weight. Estimated hanging weight is 180 to 200 pounds. Your package includes beef that is cut, double-wrapped, and frozen. Estimated take home meat is 100 to 150 pounds.

Free-Range Chicken

Our free-range chickens probably eat more salad than you do! They are raised in roaming, bottomless coops that are moved into fresh grass twice a day. Here they are able to graze on our fields, bask in the sunshine, and fertilize our crops, all while being protected from predators.

The constant fresh grass encourages the birds to eat lots of bugs and green material. They live clean, healthy lives that turn into clean, healthy food for you and your family.

Our chickens are raised seasonally. We butcher every week from June through October. Each chicken package includes 15 whole birds for only $5.75/lb. Also available in halves

($ 7.50/lb) and pieces ($8/lb)! Our chicken packages sell out every year so order today!

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